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Personalized Legal Strategy

A client is a person, not another file. North Star Criminal Defense takes a hands-on approach with every client to fully understand their entire case so that a truly personalized legal strategy is developed. We understand that the collateral consequences are just as real, and sometimes more penal, than the criminal consequences. By taking the time to learn these facts, North Star Criminal Defense develops and implements a personalized legal strategy that will serve you best.

Not Always Minnesota Nice

North Star Criminal Defense will be aggressive when needed. The key to being a great defense attorney is knowing when and how to be aggressive. A balanced approach that is both reasoned and calculated when being aggressive leads to more meaningful negotiations with prosecutors and better results for the client. By not always being Minnesota nice, North Star Criminal Defense will be aggressive Minnesota criminal defense attorneys when warranted and achieve positive results for our clients.

Unmatched Client Care

North Star Criminal Defense prides itself on its client service. We know that facing criminal charges is likely one of the most stressful times in your life. That is why we focus on giving you the respect and attention you deserve. This means that your calls and emails are answered as promptly as possible. Your questions and concerns will be addressed. And you will be informed throughout the entire process. We work tirelessly to earn your trust and to keep it.

Our Attorneys

Dan Adkins's Profile Image
Mr. Adkins has become rather ‘the man to see’ in the region, for folks facing criminal charges, based solely on his record of success since moving his practice to Minnesota in 1996. Victories include pre-charge declines, evidence suppression in d… Read More
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Mr. Gempeler is one of the founders of North Star Criminal Defense. He focuses his practice on criminal defense and expungements because he believes that a mistake or a single event should not define that person. Mr. Gempeler is diligent in his prepa… Read More

Just because you are charged with a crime does not make you a criminal. We work hard to ensure that one mistake or bad decision does not ultimately define you.

What our clients have to say

  • "I wish I would have contacted them before I went to my first hearing. They gave me the confidence to face and understand the issues. I always felt the attorneys at North Star Criminal Defense were fair and competent. I valued their understanding of what happened and that they didn’t preach. And they would always explain what they were trying to do and the reasons for the actions. I’d refer them to others."
    – R. L., Probation Violation
  • "Mr. Gempeler and Mr. Adkins are the best people you can have in your corner when a strong, ethical representation is needed. I valued their forceful defense and building of our case on a matter that was highly technical and outside of most of the ordinary cases they come across. I am grateful for their hard work on my behalf and for the results they achieved."
    – N.G., Felony Tax Evasion
  • "I was satisfied with how Mr. Gempeler always got back to me as soon as he could when I had a question - even on weekends. The North Star attorneys truly cared about the outcome of my case."
    – W.P., DWI


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