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"Dan is such a nice guy, he was very courteous and informative throughout the whole process and always responded to any messages I had. He worked quick to get my case dismissed and I am very pleased with his service and highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with their case."

M.Y. - Misdemeanor Theft

"The attorneys at North Star don't just show up and go through the motions of another day in court. They show up and work very hard for me and did everything they can to help me out in my case."

W.P. - DWI

"Mr. Gempeler and Mr. Adkins are the best people you can have in your corner when a strong, ethical representation is needed. I valued their forceful defense and building of our case on a matter that was highly technical and outside of most of the ordinary cases they come across."

N.G. - Felony Tax Evasion

"North Star Criminal Defense has exemplary criminal defense lawyers. Their professionalism, experience, and knowledge in the law is extremely confidence inspiring. They work diligently for their clients and I would not hesitate at all in hiring them again. Very satisfied client!"

R.E. - Expungement

"North Star Criminal Defense was by my side from beginning to end, explaining the process, expectations, and outcomes. I valued their consistent communication and honesty of opinions. I never questioned that they were looking out for my best interests."

A.S. - DWI

"I valued having experienced and capable representation so I did not have to face my case alone. With Mr. Gempeler and Mr. Adkins representing me, I was able to make the best presentation of my case and received the best result I could have hoped for."

B.D. - Domestic Assault

"I am extremely satisfied with the services I received. Communication was great. I appreciated the pre-hearing brief we had about how it would go."

N.M. - Expungement

"What I valued most about North Star Criminal Defense was that its attorneys were genuinely worried about my case. I was extremely satisfied with their overall performance on my behalf. I’d refer them to other individuals."

J.M. - DWI, Client

"The attorneys at North Star Criminal Defense were quick to respond to any questions that I had and were always available. They made me confident and positive about my situation right away and I knew I could put my trust in them"

B.O. - Vehicle Forfeiture, Client

"I wish I would have contacted them before I went to my first hearing. They gave me the confidence to face and understand the issues. I always felt the attorneys at North Star Criminal Defense were fair and competent. I valued their understanding of what happened and that they didn’t preach. And they would always explain what they were trying to do and the reasons for the actions. I’d refer them to others."

R. L. - Probation Violation, Client

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