In Re: Confidential

June, 2021
Charges: Pre-Charge - 3rd Degree Murder

A young man's best friend, and frequent partner in addiction, turns up dead from an overdose, and our man has been texting him that very day about providing him with synthetic and fentanyl-laced pills--and just that type of narcotic triggered the overdose. After an initial (disastrous!) phone call with the lead homicide detective in Ramsey County, our man calls Mr. Adkins. After North Star's intervention, the investigation into our client is closed, no charges filed, no (second) life destroyed, no prison, no trial.... Never, never ever confront police alone, or without the assistance of talented aggressive PROVEN trial winners, like James or Dan. Just don't--the police are exceptional at obtaining inculpatory statements, and you have no training in this field. Mr. Adkins has successfully extracted folks from possible felony exposure since before graduating law school, back in the Stone Age. There are no tricks, no traps, no verbal judo battles he's not avoided, or removed, or prevailed in for his clients. Simply a staggering result, and deeply appreciated by the client and his loving, relieved family.

Types of Charge(s): Murder, Pre-Charge Case Results