In re: OFP Matter for L.C.

March, 2020

Mr. Gempeler represented the petitioner for an Order for Protection against her sister, who was facing felony assault charges. Despite strong evidence to support these charges - and therefore, the OFP petition - the opposing party opposed the OFP and had legal counsel that she demanded push back at all costs. Thankfully, Mr. Gempeler saw through the bluster and strong tactical approaches from the opposing party and was able to negotiate an agreed-upon OFP with conditions that actually resulted in greater protection for the client than the Court would have imposed had there been a hearing. Avoiding the hearing - which would have required the client to testify - was paramount for a client with troubling medical issues and anxiety in testifying. She could not have been happier to retain Mr. Gempeler and the North Star team to fight on her behalf.

Types of Charge(s): Divorce/Family Law