L.J.C.D. v. Dakota County Sheriff's Office

April, 2020
Charges: Restoration of Gun Rights and a Carry Permit

CARRY PERMIT DELIVERED, directly in the U.S. Mail! In this matter, a client with as many as four (4) prior felony convictions from another state visited the North Star team, and asked if those cases (which were resolved in a number of unique ways, including a Veteran's Court and Drug Treatment Court in that far away jurisdiction) could be characterized in a way that would permit him to recover his right to self-defense, and a permit to purchase a firearm, and (eventually) a firearms carry permit. Client closely followed Mr. Adkins' directives, seeking clarification directly from the Sheriff's Department on the basis for his initial rejection for a permit to purchase; then Mr. Adkins investigated the matter in the other state with help of investigators and Client's legal team out west, before demand letters to the Sheriff's office resulted in a jackpot. Client did not simply recover the right to purchase and possess a firearm, at his home or place of business... the letter indicating his win included a laminated conceal/carry permit, for which he had previously applied/completed safety training/been summarily denied! Client was amazed, as he had been led to believe he'd have to restart the entire process over, and pass each and every careful step after getting the Sheriff's Department or a reviewing judge to agree regarding the impact of his record of conviction. It did not hurt his cause when Mr. Adkins notified the Sheriff's Department that Client would be entitled to recover all of his reasonable attorney's fees, in the event the County continued to mischaracterize his prior record and a Court ruled that a permit should have been issued. Careful creative negotiations, assertive and thoughtful investigative techniques, and a kickass demand letter have resulted in outright, rare and wonderful justice for this client.

Types of Charge(s): Felonies