Order For Protection Matter - Hennepin County

June, 2018
Charges: OFP allegations in the nature of stalking and sexual predation

O.F.P. DENIED, Court considering sanctions on Petitioner. How many lawyers actually contest OFP requests, or DANCO matters, or a Harassment Restraining Order, with any level of success? THESE FELLOWS DO. A litigant with a growing record of abuse of the court system sought to complicate the life of Mr. Adkins' client with an OFP--which would mean no more gun rights, no retention of a high-paying job, etc.--on the basis of outrageous but impactful allegations of misconduct. Mr. Adkins ensured the trier of fact knew the Petitioner's history of falsehoods and manipulation, and after two pointless trips to the courthouse, the judge is now considering the exceptional remedy of actually sanctioning the petitioner financially for her tomfoolery. Justice ACHIEVED.

Types of Charge(s): Divorce/Family Law