Case Results

State v. J.L., October, 2018

Charges: Indecent Exposure - Misdemeanor

Resolution: Continuance for dismissal. For minimal costs and the only condition being to remain crime free, the client will keep a perfect record. For a young man, the prospect of facing this type of record with a conviction would be devastating to his future career. Yet, without any legal defenses, the North Star team still knew how to negotiate this critical outcome for our needful client.

State v. J.K., September, 2018

Charges: Malicious Punishment of a Child - Gross Misdemeanor

Resolution: Sentenced to a misdemeanor - no jail, minimum fine, and conditions that only require the client to stay the course. The State initially sought a gross misdemeanor sentence with significant jail time. But, with the right approach and a proactive client, the North Star team achieved this great outcome on a case that involved physical punishment that left noticeable harm to the young child. The North Star team was instrumental in keeping the client focused on turning this negative incident into a positive with the client focusing on bettering himself as a person and a parent.

State v. B.M., September, 2018

Charges: Solicitation of a Minor - State appeals downward departure to a GM sentence

Resolution: Court of Appeals affirmed - meaning it agreed with the GM sentence on this felony charge. The State was so upset that North Star achieved a GM sentence at our request for a departure at sentencing that it appealed the ruling. Despite some new case law that went against the client, the North Star team successfully argued that grounds existed to support the departure and the Court of Appeals agreed. Obtaining the GM sentence was an incredible outcome. Add on the success at the appellate level shows how committed and strong the North Star team is in achieving rare and fantastic outcomes for our clients.

State v. L.S., September, 2018

Charges: 4th Degree DWI - Misdemeanor

Resolution: Pled to an amended count of Failing to Drive with Due Care and received probation to the court. Without much of a defense, the team at North Star was still able to obtain this incredible and atypical outcome due to his strategic negotiations and relying upon its strong relationship with the prosecutor. Together, we knew how to approach the City to get this needful result. Now, the client has much less risk of this record impacting her burgeoning career.

State v. N.N., September, 2018

Charges: Domestic Assault - Strangulation - Probation Violation

Resolution: Client released, returned to probation. This seemingly endless matter, involving a high-profile assault, an intervening DUI, multiple failed urinalysis tests, and other alleged acts violating probation could have meant a trip to prison for this troubled but engaging client, if not for Mr. Adkins' intervention and creativity. It is never not time for North Star to assist, and both James and Dan are regarded statewide as experts in solving these types of problems. We utilize state of the art therapeutic evaluators and providers, and cutting edge technology for these purposes, and our success rate is unmatched. We are soup-to-nuts problem-solvers, and this particular client is out of custody and working a plan to stay that way.

State v. T.B., August, 2018

Charges: 4th Degree DWI - Misdemeanor

Resolution: Plea to an amended count of Failing to Drive with Due Care. This is a rare outcome, but one that the team at North Star have achieved with much more frequency than any attorney in this State. When negotiating DWI's, most work hard to avoid the DWI and settle for a Careless Driving. But, as you've seen on our Case Results pages, we know how to push for something better - like a Failing to Drive with Due Care. This outcome places the young, college student in a far better position as he applies for medical school and might even avoid the insurance premium spike often associated with DWI and Careless Driving convictions. When so much is at stake, it's important to get a team of DWI attorneys that aren't afraid to push for the rare outcome that puts you in the best position possible.

State v. S.A., August, 2018

Charges: 2nd Degree DWI - High test and accident - Gross Misdemeanor

Resolution: No Jail, no EHM, Successful Forfeiture defense--reduction to Third Degree DUI. Due to early and aggressive negotiations, and a client committed to recovery, a .20 test result and a rollover total accident did not result in a ruined life, or a long stint in jail. Indeed, the client avoided any jail or other programming obligations, notwithstanding a mandatory 30-day jail component under the affected statutes. Interposition of a chemical dependency evaluation with teeth, and the interlock device, mean the client not only avoids weeks in custody, but also he'll receive a payment from his insurance provider for the lost truck, likely in the form of a five-figure check. Unmatched success, except this sort of result is routine at this firm. You want to hire us, admit it.

State v. C.E., August, 2018

Charges: First Degree Burglary, Assault - Felonies

Resolution: Dismissal of Entire Complaint outright, reduction to misdemeanors only pending. This matter, concerning a young man with no criminal history inadvertently serving as a pawn in a murderous scheme to rob drug dealers by two other men, took lengthy, complex negotiations to achieve a remarkable result--dismissal of the entire complaint against Mr. Adkins' client, in favor of a misdemeanor trespass count and no jail or other sanctions, with a planned expungement of the entire matter after a brief period of probation. We do incredible things for thoughtful, coachable clients. Be that client.

State v. B.K., August, 2018

Charges: Domestic Assault - Misdemeanor

Resolution: Continuance for Dismissal. For a minimal cost, the client will earn the right to keep her record clean. While the North Star team built up a self-defense claim, it was still able to negotiate the guaranteed outcome that was most critical - a dismissal. On top of that, the City agreed to expunge the record immediately upon satisfaction of the terms of the deal. A truly great outcome.

State v. L.T., August, 2018

Charges: 3rd Degree DWI - Gross Misdemeanors

Resolution: Plea to a 3rd Degree DWI, but the sentencing was well below the statutory minimums. For any second time offenses, the DWI law mandates that the driver serve 30 days in custody, with most of that on house arrest. On top of that, most pleas result in a lengthy probationary term and significant fine. Here, the client was credited for three days served upon his arrest, and placed on two years probation with no additional time to serve (not even on house arrest). The fine was minimal. The North Star team leveraged a stop issue and utilized its strong relationship with the local prosecutor to get this atypical and great result for a deserving client. Goes to show that even when the law may require a penal sentence, the North Star attorneys know how to get the best results for their clients - even in the face of statutory minimums.

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