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State v. A.L.

February, 2020
Charges: 5th Degree Drug Possession Charge - Felony

Dismissed. The client was eligible for a diversion outcome, which would have resulted in a dismissal of the case after probation. And he had done a lot prior to being charged that would have made probation easier for him to finish. Nonetheless, even with an easy and great outcome available, the North Star team decided to take a more aggressive approach with a contested hearing to raise constitutional issues. The aggressiveness paid off - the State dismissed the case just prior to the hearing. Another great outcome for a deserving client.

Types of Charge(s): Drug Crime Case Results

State v. H.P.

February, 2020
Charges: 4th Degree DWI (Misdemeanor)

Careless Driving. Client had no defense. She was dead to rights and with a reading at a .11, things were not looking great to get a non-DWI outcome. But, the North Star team helped guide her on certain proactive steps she could take to gain negotiating leverage. And thanks to a fantastic relationship with the prosecuting attorney, the unobtainable became obtainable and the client was able to get a non-DWI outcome. For a young woman doing well in school, getting this result was paramount for her future. She could not be happier that she hired North Star for this case.

Types of Charge(s): DWI Case Results

State v. L.B.

February, 2020
Charges: Possession of Marijuana in a Motor Vehicle - Misdemeanor

Continuance for a dismissal. The client was caught for speeding with approximately 26 g. of marijuana in her vehicle. Thankfully, she was not under the influence at the time of the arrest. The client obtained a medical marijuana card shortly after the incident, demonstrating that her use was for medical-related reasons. A careful negotiation with the prosecutor moved him down to this incredible result - a complete dismissal of the case, without any conviction or admission to facts, when she successfully completes a year of probation without any same or similar incidents.

Types of Charge(s): Misdemeanor, Moving Violations

State v. A.G.

February, 2020
Charges: 4th Degree DWI - Misdemeanor

Plea to an amended count of an Unsafe Change of Course as a misdemeanor - truly a traffic ticket. The client was charged with a DWI, despite a .07 (which means there was no loss of license). With some proactive steps, the State moved to a Careless Driving - which should be an automatic offer. But, a Careless Driving was not good enough the client because it still would have restricted her from traveling to Canada for work - i.e. she could have lost her job. Even though the prosecutor insisted she could not move off a Careless Driving, the North Star team persisted and got additional information verifying the job consequence. When the State was confronted with so much proactive steps and thought through the job consequence, they made an offer that is nearly unheard of - amending the DWI to a traffic ticket. You know it's a remarkable plea negotiation when even the judge comments he has never seen a DWI resolved in this way. The client was thankful and relieved that she can move forward with a DWI and know her career is not jeopardized.

Types of Charge(s): DWI Case Results

State v. C.V.

February, 2020
Charges: 2nd Degree Burglary - Three Counts - All Felonies

Departure to a gross misdemeanor on one count, the other two were dismissed. The client was in the throes of chemical dependency when he committed his first crime. Thankfully, he righted the ship and got himself into treatment. Despite a few relapses while in treatment, the Defendant persisted and graduated from inpatient and was thriving while in an intensive outpatient program. Through this, the North Star team convinced the prosecutor and the judge that this was a less onerous offense and a gross misdemeanor result was the just outcome. There is no doubt that prosecutors and judges alike treat burglary cases seriously. But, they believed in the Defendant and what the North Star team was advocating on his behalf. The client is thrilled to have a second chance without a felony on his record.

Types of Charge(s): Burglary

State v. N.A.

February, 2020
Charges: Felony tax fraud - 7 charges

Plea to two counts via stays of imposition, meaning the record will be misdemeanor convictions after probation. The client had no defense to the allegations of willfully filing incorrect tax returns. Compounding this is the fact that he worked in the tax field, preparing and filing tax returns for his clients. Yet, despite these awful facts, the North Star team was able to negotiate an outcome where the client could earn a misdemeanor record and was not sentenced to serve any time in custody. Through this outcome, the client was able to continue with his new job (in a new field) and provide for his family. He was simply overjoyed with the outcome and advocacy by the North Star team.

Types of Charge(s): Tax

State v. J.H.

February, 2020
Charges: 3rd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct - Felony

Case dismissed prior to trial. Our client was a young man who was wrongfully accused of rape. Knowing he was innocent, the North Star team quickly retained an investigative team that diligently explored the complicated set of facts that led to the two individuals being together. And through this detailed investigation and aggressive pursuit of the truth, it quickly became apparent that much of the allegations did not have factual support. Witnesses began to tell different versions of events and provide more details about the complaining witness's background. Through this all, the North Star team knew how to respectfully, yet forcefully, explain the true facts of the evening to the prosecutor. Prior to trial, the prosecutor knew she could not pursue the case anymore. The interests of justice demanded that our client not even be taken to trial. The case was dismissed because justice demanded it.

Types of Charge(s): Sex Crimes

State v. K.Y.

February, 2020
Charges: Misdemeanor 5th Degree Assault

Stay of adjudication to a disorderly conduct. The client was a young female with a bright future. An unfortunate chain of events during the early morning hours after bar close time led to this charge. With a career at stake, the North Star team helped advise the client what proactive steps she needed to take in order to best advocate for her during negotiations. In doing so, the attorneys at North Star were able to move the prosecutor - from a tough jurisdiction - off a permanent conviction to this outcome, where the client will be able to earn a dismissal of the case once she completes probation and is set up for an expungement only a year later. A terrific result for a deserving client.

Types of Charge(s): Assault Case Results

State v. C.W.

February, 2020
Charges: Obstruction of Legal Process and Reckless Driving - both misdemeanors

Plea to an amended count of speeding as a petty misdemeanor. The client was wrongfully charged with obstructing legal process and reckless driving. The obstruction charge is a very serious offense, but it was based simply on the officer believing my client was lying to him. Even if true, lying to an officer during the course of an investigation is not a crime. On top of that, the record was completely void of true evidence to support the reckless driving charge. Once retained, the North Star team set out on a course of aggressive litigation against both charges. Realizing the case was weak, the State offered the only type of charge that the facts supported. The client accepted, knowing the value of the guaranteed result - a petty misdemeanor speeding ticket - which would not lead to any job consequences. He was thrilled with the result, to say the least.

State v. M.E.

February, 2020
Charges: 4th Degree DWI - Misdemeanor

Stay of Adjudication. Client had a .10 breath alcohol concentration level and we had no defense. But, the client took proactive measures to demonstrate that she did not have an alcohol problem and learned from her mistake. Complicating things is the fact that the client's significant other lived in Canada. Traveling to Canada with a DWI is not possible and there's a wide debate whether a careless driving conviction even permits entry into Canada. Through diligent negotiations, the North Star team achieved this nearly impossible outcome. The end result for the client is that she will not have any convictions as a result of the charge and can freely travel to Canada.

Types of Charge(s): DWI Case Results

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