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Pre-Charge Case Results

Pre-Charge Case Results

The smartest thing anyone can do when they are being investigated is to get the North Star team immediately to help you fight off the potential charges. To see just how successful our approach is, here are some representative pre-charge case results:

State v. A.N.

Charges: Pre-Charge – Possible misdemeanor domestic assault charges

Resolution: No formal charges. The client contacted North Star within hours of the alleged incident happening. Immediately, our team got on the phone to contact the prosecutor. In doing so, we bought time to provide additional information for the prosecutor’s consideration when making a decision whether to charge our client or not. Based upon the information provided, the prosecutor gave our client the opportunity to earn the chance to never be charged with the domestic assault. Our client eagerly completed the requested proactive steps, leading to the prosecutor to formally acknowledge that she will never be charged. This was an absolutely critical outcome for a person in the nursing field, where even a charge of domestic assault can lead to the possibility of losing her career. What makes this outcome that much more impressive is that the prosecutor commented that he had never, in his several decades as a city prosecutor, done anything like this before. Needless to say, the client was thrilled that she immediately got the North Star team on her side.

Confidential – State v. CLIENT

Charges: Pre-Charge – Possible Criminal Sexual Conduct

Resolution: A person dealing with a motivated and irate former lover, fearing false allegations and the related collateral explosions, hired North Star to manage his communications and seek to forestall any litigation or other challenges, and found success immediately and in short order. Roughly 25% of the work North Star provides to its clients takes place BEFORE charges are laid, or a lawsuit is filed–it is never too early to seek our advice, or our intervention. Call immediately when confronting an accuser, or taking a step on a significant life adventure where an aggressive and talented lawyer can help.

State v. K.F.

Charges: Pre-Charge – Possible Felony Assault and Domestic Assault

Resolution: County Attorney’s office DECLINED TO CHARGE the client and even went so far as instructed the investigator to immediately release the client from custody. Within hours of being retained, the North Star team gathered sufficient information from the family to relay to the County Attorney who was in the middle of reviewing the file for charging. With this additional information, the choice was clear – this client needed to be released without charges immediately and returned to her family. The family was overjoyed at this news and emphasized they were right to choose our team over other firms they were considering. Another case where the North Star team’s immediate hustle and tenacity leads to another incredible result.

State v. L.D.

Charges: Pre-Charge – Possible Felony Drug Charges

Resolution: No Charges Filed. Client was pinched for a serious felony drug case. With the guidance of the North Star team, the client negotiated an agreement with local law enforcement to become an informant. Needing a team of attorneys by his side to enforce the agreement with law enforcement, the North Star team worked closely with the parties to ensure the expectations were reasonable and understandable, and that the objective was achievable. Otherwise, often the terms are due unrealistic, leading to failure and charges being levied, despite an informants best efforts sometimes. Even though the cops may come across like they’re acting in good faith, always remember, their first priority is their interests only. This young client was thankful for the North Star team by his side to allow him to avoid the lifelong impact a felony drug case can have.

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