State v. L.O.

July, 2015
Charges: Criminal Sexual Conduct in the First Degree, other related counts.

In this matter, a client facing a mandatory 144 months in prison on allegations he had molested a minor child at a warming house received quite literally a new lease on life when the Minnesota Court of Appeals reversed the trial judge’s order that he be tried a second time. After initially electing to proceed to trial with a personal friend who specialized in bankruptcy, and being denied the opportunity to change counsel late in the proceedings by a judge on a crazy streak, Mr. Olson was forced to start a formal jury trial while representing himself. Dan achieved a landmark outcome, one that has been employed repeatedly since by other attorneys seeking to protect clients from abusive judges and prosecutors. In light of the judge’s manifest and repeated errors, and the refusal on the part of the prosecutor to halt the madness, Mr. Olson was absolved of the counts, and justice was finally achieved. This matter points up the importance of getting the right lawyer, right away. Do not hesitate, and do not stand pat with a lawyer who won’t answer your questions, or who does not make your own peace of mind the primary concern of your defense.

Types of Charge(s): Sex Crimes