State of Minnesota v. Todd Longsdorf, K3-00-414

July, 2015
Charges: Narcotics Sale in the First Degree

Police armed with a proper search warrant who turn a trailer almost completely inside out could not justify a further search of Dan’s client, including tearing his jacket apart, when they mishandled the manner of the search; a trial court finding that the search was excessive and insupportable was affirmed on appeal, and the client avoided a potential 100-month+ prison commitment. Yet another example of a case aggressively argued from bail hearing through early appearances and in a contested evidentiary hearing including a jury trial (if necessary) and most importantly artfully argued before the Court of Appeals. This represents one of Dan’s favorite cases to date, where the wins just kept coming, due in large part to a client dedicated to the best outcomes and to cautious, thoughtful conduct during the litigation process. Sobriety, law-abiding conduct, and timely assistance to your legal team mean the world, and helped immeasurably to make this outcome possible. Be the result you seek, is a great epigram for this case.

Types of Charge(s): Drug Crime Case Results