State v. A.B.

June, 2016
Charges: Client had four pending cases - 3 separate cases with the same charge - DANCO Violation - and the fourth case included the following charges: 4th Degree Assault of an Officer, Obstruction of Legal Process, 4th Degree DWI, DANCO Violation, and petty drug possession. These four cases were venued in two different counties - Anoka and St. Louis.

The client pled to three misdemeanor charges:

  1. Obstruction of Legal Process;
  2. 4th Degree DWI;
  3. DANCO Violation.

The client has no jail time to serve and must complete standard programming for chemical dependency and domestic abuse. This was an incredible result for a client that, at one time, had five pending domestic-related matters.

In the end, he will have no new jail time, minimal fines, and be on probation with standard conditions. For a young man with no criminal record, limiting the damage to only one domestic-related conviction, a single DWI, and an obstruction charge, is a home run.

The client is ecstatic and thrilled with this outcome.