State v. A.V.

July, 2019
Charges: 1st Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct (Felony); 5th Degree Criminal Sexual Contact (Gross Misdemeanor); Two separate juveniled cases with two different victims, incurred over a short period of time in the same county.

The first degree case was amended to a third degree criminal sexual conduct and the client was admitted into the deferred adjudication program. Meanwhile, the client received a stay of adjudication on the fifth degree case, with tracking probations essentially. Literally, this outcome saved this client's life. He now can earn the continued clean record and never be convicted of any offense, despite the serious allegations. The young man took serious and significant strides in his growth and maturation that paid dividends at sentencing. Add in a full account for his wrongdoings and he posed the perfect candidate for this generous and unlikely outcome.

Types of Charge(s): Juvenile, Sex Crimes