State v. B.M.

December, 2017
Charges: Prostitution - Agreeing to Hire a Person Reasonably Believed to be under 18, but at least 16. Felony

Client straight pled to the single count and we successfully argued for a gross misdemeanor sentence. The client engaged in text communications that were damning and led to an attempt to hire an undercover officer posing as a 17 year old for sexual acts. The client listened to Mr. Gempeler's counsel about being proactive in addressing any potential underlying sexual deviancy. He completed a day-long John's School, devoted to education on sex trafficking to offenders. He took a lot from this class and presented himself as the right candidate, deserving of a gross misdemeanor sentence. To go the extra mile, we hired a private consultant to prepare our own pre-sentence investigation to ensure that our client would come across to the judge in the best light possible. This proved critical to Mr. Gempeler's ability to artfully argue for the gross misdemeanor sentence. For a client with zero criminal history and in the process of starting his own business, avoiding a felony prostitution record was necessary. This is a difficult outcome to achieve, but done so because of the thoughtful and creative manner in which Mr. Gempeler navigated the case.

Types of Charge(s): Felonies, Sex Crimes