State v. B.N.

May, 2021
Charges: Driving After Revocation - Misdemeanor; Speeding Ticket - Petty Misdemeanor

Dismissal of the Driving After Revocation and subsequent plea to the speeding ticket at a reduced fine amount. The client had an incredibly unique and strong argument that he should not have been revoked at the time of the stop. Unfortunately, the prosecutor didn't care and pressed forward with the charge and refused to offer any reasonable plea deal. So, the North Star team got to work and brought a motion to dismiss the driving after revocation charge. And after submitting strong evidence and making a stronger argument, the judge dismissed this count. Then, faced with just the speeding ticket (and absolutely zero defense to it), we still negotiated a reduced fine amount on the day of the court trial. The client is extremely please to have gotten the North Star team engaged to fight for this just outcome.

Types of Charge(s): Traffic Violations Case Results