State v. B.S. / State v. J.B.

November, 2016
Charges: B.S.--over 24 open cases, including Felony Identity Theft and Theft; J.B.--two open Felony DANCO matters, multiple probationary offenses.

North Star has become literally the place to go for assistance via a furlough to inpatient dual-diagnosis treatment and therapies. Both of these clients--staring a months-long delay in custody with bail that simply could not be posted (or on hold-without-bail, worse yet), prior to trial and potential long prison sentences--received judicially-approved placement at treatment facilities that may well keep them out of any further custodial time, while North Star attorneys work feverishly on soft landings or a favorable trial strategy. No firm, literally no firm, has the record that North Star has created in this field.