State v. C.F.

December, 2021
Charges: Identity Theft - Felony (presumptive prison commitment); Wrongfully Obtaining Assistance-Theft of State Social Services - Felony

Stay of adjudication and no time to serve. The client was facing a presumptive commitment to prison due to the identity theft charge - which was a stretch, but nonetheless was a major issue to deal with. And despite evidence clearly pointing to our client bilking the State out of five-figures worth of money from social services payments, the North Star team did their due diligence in researching key legal issues. Namely, the search that led to much of the evidence was suspect and the North Star team found a creative and novel legal argument that turned the table in the case. As a result, the client received a stay of adjudication, which means he will never be convicted of anything and the case will be dismissed following a minimal period of probation in which he merely has to have no same or similar incidents. He could not ask for a better negotiated outcome. He and his family are thrilled to have obtained this incredible outcome and for trusting North Star Criminal Defense.

Types of Charge(s): Felonies, Tax