State v. C.W.

February, 2020
Charges: Obstruction of Legal Process and Reckless Driving - both misdemeanors

Plea to an amended count of speeding as a petty misdemeanor. The client was wrongfully charged with obstructing legal process and reckless driving. The obstruction charge is a very serious offense, but it was based simply on the officer believing my client was lying to him. Even if true, lying to an officer during the course of an investigation is not a crime. On top of that, the record was completely void of true evidence to support the reckless driving charge. Once retained, the North Star team set out on a course of aggressive litigation against both charges. Realizing the case was weak, the State offered the only type of charge that the facts supported. The client accepted, knowing the value of the guaranteed result - a petty misdemeanor speeding ticket - which would not lead to any job consequences. He was thrilled with the result, to say the least.