State v. Confidential

June, 2018
Charges: Felony Drug Possession, Gun Present (Olmsted County)

Stay of Adjudication. This prosecution, concerning a relatively massive amount of marijuana, marijuana oil, butters, gummies, etc. being transported from the great state of Colorado to points east (past Minnesota, as it happens), presented solid issues for a challenge to the stop of the defendant's vehicle, and a possible challenge to the expansion of the stop to search the trunk thereof. However, three passengers' having resolved their felony counts with guilty pleas meant the issues were not optimal, given the bench and its proclivities, so Mr. Adkins sought a resolution that would not entail an accepted guilty plea, would involve exactly no jail time or other sanctions other than a promise to behave, and would permit the defendant to return to his home state without onerous probationary conditions. He was successful, notwithstanding a semi-automatic firearm was also found in the trunk, and attributed to the owner and driver of the affected vehicle--our client. Remarkable result for a remarkable client, one with more to lose than most. Ask us about this matter, particularly if your matter concerns a foreign national or a person with multi-state criminal exposure.

Types of Charge(s): Drug Crime Case Results