State vs. Confidential

April, 2020
Charges: Felony criminal sexual misconduct - Pre-Charge

Declination/Nolle Prosequi Letter pending (no charges!). This client, a young man accused of sexual misconduct at his high school, was initially set to meet with investigators to (hopefully!) explain some miscommunication and contextualize a relationship. After a call to North Star, hoping to confirm the good intentions of the investigators and to be told he had the right strategy in mind, that meeting was immediately cancelled, and the client declined to respond to any officers' questions. The complete absence of physical or social-media evidence to confirm the (false, but compelling) allegations of the classmate has resulted in no charges being filed. This is still a developing matter, in light of the fact that the statute of limitations won't expire for many years yet, but the first steps are utterly wonderful. North Star provides exceptional and timely pre-charge representation several times each month, and we love these no-charge decisions as much as a jury acquittal.

Types of Charge(s): Pre-Charge Case Results, Sex Crimes