State v. Confidential

July, 2020
Charges: Arson and Reckless Fire - Felony Charges

This case, concerning the accidental complete destruction of the Lolo restaurant (and the pavilion at Bde Maka Ska) initially received massive local media attention and threatened to derail a promising young man's future. Mr. Adkins labored mightily to move the case off obvious calendars, avoiding cameras and intrusive media demands, and put the case into a form of stasis until the attention reduced. North Star will never seek to gain attention from the troubles their clients face, simply never; our job is to reduce pain, not profit from it. Incredible creativity on Mr. Adkins' part, and an accountable and hustling client, meant this case resolved with no restitution to be paid, notwithstanding more than $1,000,000.00 in damage; client won't spend a single hour in custody, and Mr. Adkins created a form of restorative justice for his client that will involve the client contributing directly to the rebuilding of a treasured community landmark. In nearly three full decades of practice, Mr. Adkins is as proud of this result as any. Please come join North Star, and create your own story of rebirth, and recovery.

Types of Charge(s): Arson & Negligent Fires, Felonies