State v. D.B.

March, 2018
Charges: 2nd Degree Assault and First Degree Riot - Felonies

Conviction on Receipt of Stolen Property. The client in this case, with a lengthy and troubling criminal history, faced a sentence of effective life in prison, had Hernandizing and other components been left to a judge to compile. Rather, Mr. Adkins worked with a thoughtful prosecutor to reduce the client's exposure to the sixty months he'd necessarily face as a felon handling a gun (in this case, shooting up a party where he'd been assaulted only moments before), with a count of offense being one that keeps the client eligible for Boot Camp--and a potential return home only six months out, rather than a DECADE. If you have an unfortunate prior record, for felonies, for violence, or merely for traffic violations, and your new case means trouble, call Dan Adkins and North Star NOW. There is no time to waste, and there is no time that MUST be served, if you and Dan can coordinate your defense.

Types of Charge(s): Assault Case Results, Felonies