State v. D.L.

March, 2018
Charges: 1st-3rd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct/Contact charges - Felonies

Third Degree CSC, no prison term. Another attorney, talented in his own right, tried this client's case to a jury. After that jury hung 11-1 in favor of convicting the client, Mr. Adkins was retained for a re-trial, but his superior negotiation skillset meant the case could be resolved short of another trial (and an almost certain conviction), instead as a plea to the lowest count in the complaint, and a probationary sentence. This came after arguments to the sentencing judge regarding a mandatory prison term, a request for a downward departure, the State's request for a year in local jail, and the Court's decision to trust the client would take this opportunity and learn/grow from it. Outstanding results for a man now on the path to recovering his integrity, and better choices in future.

Types of Charge(s): Sex Crimes