State v. D.U.

July, 2020
Charges: Early Discharge from Probation Sought - Aggravated Drug Crimes (Mower County)

Early discharge from probation. In this matter, North Star received a call from a desperate client, seeking to cut off the back half of a massive term of probation, totaling twenty-five years. Mr. Adkins took him on, and filed a ream of documents supporting early termination, though such results are incredibly and increasingly rare to obtain. Not only did the Court grant the early termination, it did so without a formal hearing. Quite frankly, this outcome was greater and more comprehensive than the lawyers at North Star had dared to seek. While we certainly cannot guarantee outcomes, we have prevailed often enough in these pursuits that it cannot make sense not to reach out, if you face a long probation term, or encounter other collateral consequences to your interaction with the court system that serve as obstacles. We can help, but only if we know who you are, and what you face. Call now.