State v. D.V.

April, 2018
Charges: Kidnapping and Human Trafficking - Felonies (Out of Wisconsin)

Time Served. A client already serving a probationary sentence for First Degree Assault in Minnesota was ordered to return to northwestern Wisconsin to face a completely separate matter, with a presumptive sentence in the decades in length. After negotiations, and a comprehensive investigation by Mr. Adkins and his local counsel, the State dismissed all serious felony counts and permitted the case to resolve as a low-level felony concerning a failure to prevent another person from selling narcotics. This gentleman's life gets restarted, he can return to his family and his employment, with conditions he will easily handle to avoid a return to jail or a trip to prison. This is another example of the lengths to which North Star will travel to assist you and your family: Dan has practiced in 15 states and federal jurisdictions already, and can obtain the right to practice in every state. We maintain a strong national network of firms to help in any/every state where you might have legal issues.

Types of Charge(s): Felonies, Sex Crimes