State v. E.L.

December, 2023
Charges: Gross misdemeanor interfering with a 911 emergency call; misdemeanor domestic assault.

Stay of adjudication to an amended count of disorderly conduct. The client was in an abusive relationship, which culminated in a disagreement gone wrong. And, unfortunately, evidence existed, including an eyewitness in the house, to support the charges against our client. Undeterred, the North Star team set about to explain the overall relationship to provide critical context to the prosecutor. Once the severity of the situation was properly understood by the State, an outcome that avoids a devastating conviction and includes minimal terms of probation to ensure success. The end game is a dismissal of these serious charges and the ability for the client to move forward without having this case further impact her. She was overjoyed when she received the final offer and what it meant for her future.