State v. E.N.

January, 2024
Charges: 3rd Degree DWI-Refusal - Gross misdemeanor; 4th Degree DWI - Misdemeanor

Plea to an amended count of Careless Driving. To make this outcome even more incredible, the client is placed in administrative, unsupervised probation for one-year and only has to stay good for the year and pay a minimal fine. No jail; no community service; no punitive punishment. The client had no defense for the case. But, the North Star team utilized the client's impressive proactive steps, the lack of available evidence that should have been preserved, and its good relationship with the prosecutor to get such an incredible and unlikely outcome strictly through negotiations. The client was shocked that we were able to achieve what seemed like the longest of long shot outcomes. But that's what we do.

Types of Charge(s): DWI Case Results, Gross Misdemeanor