State v. F.H.

November, 2015
Charges: 12 felony counts in multiple matters.

In this cluster bomb of a situation, Mr. Adkins was able to negotiate a result utterly impossible to have expected: in exchange for a mere 5 months longer in prison that was already ordered for an unrelated kidnapping/aggravated assault case, this client resolved 8 drug cases, another ugly kidnapping, several assaults, and a failure to register matter, as well as having nearly 20 misdemeanor cases dismissed.

The client will be back with his family next summer, rather than facing between 20-30 years of prison. In this matter, the absolute requirement of a consistent, honest approach to both your judge and the assigned prosecutor was highlighted. It certainly did not hurt that the client had done such a magnificent job remaking himself while awaiting the outcome to his cases.

Justice sought, justice achieved.

Types of Charge(s): Felonies