State v. J.B.

June, 2023
Charges: Domestic Assault - Strangulation - Felony; Misdemeanor domestic assault

Dismissed and pled guilty in a subsequent case where he was charged with another domestic assault, but received a stay of adjudication on an amended count of fifth degree assault. With two cases that included a felony strangulation charge and two separate domestic assault incidents, the client is thrilled to walk away with an outcome that results in no convictions on his record. The North Star team litigated a novel issue and was successful in getting a Court to permit at trial evidence of prior false accusations by the complainant. After winning that motion, the State folded the felony case and offered the non-conviction outcome to a client that was prepared to go to trial. But, even he knew he couldn't turn down this incredible offer and ability to eliminate the risk that comes with a trial.