State v. J.L.

January, 2020
Charges: Misdemeanor Domestic Assault charges

Stay of Imposition, Vacate and Dismiss, to an amended count of disorderly conduct. This means that, once the client successfully completes probation, the conviction will be vacated and the case is dismissed. This is another perfect example of the North Star team doing exactly what is necessary and in the client's best interests. The reason why is there was another offer that may have been considered better from a true legal standpoint. The client was offered a stay of adjudication to a domestic assault charge, which means he'd never be convicted of anything. But, after consulting with his employer, the vacate and dismiss of a disorderly conduct was the better outcome for him. The North Star team always knows to get the big picture from the client to understand exactly what's at stake and how to get through it the best possible way. Every client is a new, unique client that deserves the attention and respect they need. No two cases or outcomes are the same. And in this case, the vacate and dismiss was the best possible outcome, given its unique facts and circumstances.

Types of Charge(s): Domestic Assault Case Results