State v. J.P.

December, 2019
Charges: Failing to Pay or File Tax Returns - Felonies (9 Counts)

Plea to tax crimes as gross misdemeanors. Durational departure granted. The client was facing nine felony counts. And, if convicted at trial, stacking all nine convictions could have led to a prison sentence (as the Judge detailed to the client at an early hearing). The client was also in the midst of recovering from a severe stroke. Taking Mr. Gempeler's advice, the client paid off the unpaid taxes in full and got his tax filings current. Without a criminal record (for an older man) and his declining health, avoiding time in custody and serious criminal penalties (such as felony records) was critical. After extensive negotiations, the client gladly accepted a plea deal to a gross misdemeanor result and avoided any time in custody, which, given his health, could have been life-saving. The client was thankful that he hired the North Star team to guide him during this challenging time.

Types of Charge(s): Tax