State v. J.R.

February, 2018
Charges: 3rd Degree Burglary - Felony

Sentence as a Gross Misdemeanor, no jail. To say this client is pleased with his outcome is to say giraffes are tall. Client sought to play a prank on his former employer, and faced a nasty turpitude (lying/cheating/stealing) felony with permanent record consequences for his trouble. After lengthy and creative negotiations with a talented prosecutor, the matter was submitted to a judge with a motion for a downward (durational) departure. These are difficult to obtain, requiring particularized circumstances argued carefully and well, and Mr. Adkins prevailed upon the Court to protect his client's record and minimize his exposure. This result also meant the State could no longer seek to forfeit the client's valuable work vehicle, meaning a win, all around. Remarkable results.