State v. J.S.

December, 2018
Charges: 2nd- and 3rd-Degree DWIs, False Info to Police (gross misdemeanor), and misdemeanor driving after revocation.

Stay of imposition to a gross misdemeanor 3rd Degree DWI. The State initially wanted a plea to either a 2nd degree or a 3rd Degree and False Info. The North Star team fought back. After narrowly losing a challenge on the stop, the Court agreed that the State could not charge the 2nd Degree DWI because the pending DWI had not been resolved. On the day of trial, the State not only agreed to just a 3rd Degree DWI - meaning the client wasn't also pleading to the False Info charge - but it also agreed to a stay of imposition. When all is said and done, the client will walk away with a misdemeanor DWI. A remarkable outcome considering the client had a pending misdemeanor DWI from only a few months before this case.

Types of Charge(s): DWI Case Results