State v. J.S.

October, 2023
Charges: Speeding in Excess of 100 mph - already convicted when retained

Successfully convinced the court - over State objection - to reopen the conviction from the speeding ticket and then negotiated - at length - to finally get the prosecutor to agree to an amended speed less than 100 mph, thereby avoiding any further revocation. The client unwittingly paid the speeding ticket, not knowing doing so led to the costly 6-month revocation for going in excess of 100 mph. So he retained Mr. Gempeler to try to re-open the case and then figure out a resolution that avoided the revocation. This is no small task, especially with a prosecutor that was proving to be less than caring and unwilling to negotiate or work with Mr. Gempeler. After getting the judge to re-open the case (no small task, in and of itself), Mr. Gempeler then had to set the matter for trial to continue negotiations. Finally, at the courthouse on the day of trial, Mr. Gempeler's persistence paid off with the client getting the outcome sought from the beginning. No matter the severity of the case, we work hard for our clients to get the just results they deserve.

Types of Charge(s): Traffic Violations Case Results