State v. J.W.

February, 2020

Hennepin County. Expunged three (3!!!) DWI records. To the best of our knowledge, these were the first DWI records ever expunged in Hennepin County. And we got three of them expunged. The three DWIs occurred during a four-year period just over ten years ago. The client completed a remarkable life turnaround since then, become a well-recognized speaker in the field of chemical dependency, which included presentations to various government agencies, and had a demonstrable burden. Through Mr. Gempeler’s guidance, the client presented an incredible petition and argument to the Court, to the point where this outcome was not just lucky, but deserved and appropriate – despite the “facial absurdity” of seeking an expungement of 3 DWI’s as the State retorted in its opposition memorandum. Even on cases that seem impossible, we get the right results for our clients. There is not a better example of this than obtaining an expungement of 3 DWI records in Hennepin County.

Types of Charge(s): Expungements