State v. K.C.

February, 2022
Charges: Speeding in Excess of 100+ mph

Plea to an amended count of speeding at 16 over the speed limit. This outcome ensures the client will not lose his license for six months, which would have happened with a conviction to the 100+ mph charge. What makes the outcome most noteworthy is that the client was on probation for a speeding that he picked up a year prior to this incident. So, despite a recent speeding ticket and being on probation with a deal that would result in a dismissal of that case if he were convicted of a new traffic matter, the North Star team not only avoided a 100+ speed AND prolonged the matter so that this new one did not impact his prior case and it was dismissed. Knowing how to negotiate the right outcomes and how to work the system to our clients advantage is necessary and why we routinely get such great results for our client.

Types of Charge(s): Traffic Violations Case Results