State v. K.M.

December, 2019
Charges: 5th Degree Assault - Misdemeanor

Stay of adjudication on a disorderly conduct charge. The client had a plausible self-defense claim. But he also had enough self-awareness to realize that his imposing presence compared to that of a complaining witness that was half his size would be tough to overcome. Leveraging the defense and willingness to go to trial, the client was thrilled to get an outcome in which he could earn a dismissal of the record, without a conviction, once he completes probation. And he also knows that he is presumed to get an expungement one short year later. For a young man that will be completing school around the same time frame, this terrific result via negotiations was too much to turn down and he was happy to move forward, without having to have this case hold him back.

Types of Charge(s): Assault Case Results

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