State v. A.L.

February, 2018
Charges: Identity Theft and Financial Card Fraud - Felonies

Stay of Imposition to the identity theft charge. Using identity and credit cards belonging to multiple people, our client purchased items from Target and committed other identity theft, totaling in excess of $25,000 - and perhaps even closing in on $100K depending on how the accounting occurred. Nonetheless, after losing a close battle on whether the search of a vehicle was constitutional, Mr. Gempeler negotiated an outcome in which the client is only probation for three years, has no further jail to serve, no fine, and restitution is capped at $6,000 - $1K per identifiable victim as required under the statute - in a joint and several capacity with a co-defendant. Essentially, the client has to just pay restitution and not commit any same or similar offenses and this serious felony case will be a misdemeanor conviction on his record.

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