State v. M.I.

April, 2021
Charges: Underage Drinking and Driving - Misdemeanor

Plea to an amended petty misdemeanor count. The client retained North Star after already pleading guilty to the crime and receiving a misdemeanor sentence that included 10 days of stayed jail. So, not only were we trying to negotiate a non-criminal outcome, but we also had to get the Court and prosecutor to agree to withdraw the guilty plea to begin with. Thankfully, a strategic approach coupled with a proactive step by the client hit the right note and the prosecutor got on board with our request. The end result is that the client will not have a criminal record. For such a young kid, that is absolutely critical to achieve. What makes this more remarkable is that she blew a .06 - needless to say, avoiding a criminal record when she was nearly over the legal limit is a terrific case result.