State v. M.P.

June, 2018
Charges: Felony Assault - Wisconsin case

Stay of Adjudication, Misdemeanor. North Star's Dan Adkins teamed up with the incomparable Shirlene Perrin Law Firm to achieve the unthinkable. Client, who mistook one man for the fellow who had harassed and propositioned his girlfriend on an evening out, knocked that wrong man out cold, causing serious injuries and requiring ongoing care concerns. After lengthy negotiations, and maximum creativity on Shirlene's and Dan's part, the case concludes with an unaccepted guilty plea, a brief period on light conditions, and dismissal of the reduced misdemeanor count. Client will NEVER have a conviction on his record, if he complies with the terms he's accepted. Life-altering stuff, this.

Types of Charge(s): Assault Case Results