State v. N.M.

March, 2019
Charges: Two Cases - One misdemeanor domestic assault and another misdemeanor DANCO violation

Plea to a tab charge of disorderly conduct and stay of adjudication on a domestic assault charge. The DANCO case was dismissed entirely. And no DANCO was issued during the pendency of the client's probation. This last part was absolutely critical because the client is a military member and the presence of a DANCO would result in the loss of his firearm rights and being out of the Army. And this plea agreement provided him a chance to avoid a domestic conviction, which again would have jeopardized his military career. Most cases where a DANCO violation is added to a domestic charge result in at least one conviction to a domestic type charge. The North Star team avoided this and saved this client's future with the Army.

Types of Charge(s): Domestic Assault Case Results