State v. P.M.

August, 2019
Charges: 2nd Degree Assault with a Dangerous Weapon - Felony

Stay of Imposition - Misdemeanor record after probation. Because of the discharge of a weapon, the client was looking at a mandatory minimum prison commitment of 36 months. Mr. Adkins masterfully maneuvered through the case and found a judge that bought into the client. Over the State's request, the judge departed from the prison commitment and even granted a stay of imposition. Further, the client didn't have to serve more than the two days in jail that he served upon arrest. With the conditions of probation basically only requiring the client to remain law abiding and sober, the client will earn a misdemeanor conviction. A truly remarkable outcome, achieved because of North Star's strategic and persuasive counsel.

Types of Charge(s): Assault Case Results, Felonies