State v. R.E.G.

February, 2024
Charges: 5th Degree Assault - Misdemeanor

Stay of adjudication with minimal terms of probation above and beyond what the client is already doing. This was a rather non-descript case - an assault caused by severe impairment. The client did the right things after in getting an assessment and cutting out alcohol. Still, the County Attorney took the case much more serious, demanding a conviction and possible time to be served initially. Undeterred, Mr. Gempeler pushed back, even had the case set for trial, and continued pressing on the prosecutor to get the appropriate and just outcome. Finally, after these strategic efforts and dogged negotiations, the client got the right deal and is happy to be able to move forward without this drunken night further impacting him.

Types of Charge(s): Assault Case Results, Misdemeanor