State v. R.W.

November, 2023
Charges: 3rd Degree Drug Possession by a School/Park - Felonies; Felony fleeing of a motor vehicle; obstructing legal process as a gross misdemeanor

Stay of adjudication to both the drug charge and fleeing in a motor vehicle. The end result - upon the successful completion of probation - is a complete dismissal of the entire case. This is a remarkable outcome due to the nature of the allegations, the fact the officers were not a fan of the client due to the alleged obstruction, and this was achieved in a notoriously challenging County against drug-related offenses. Despite these obstacles, Mr. Gempeler worked hard on the prosecutor to get this needed outcome that avoids both any felony convictions and the possible lengthy loss of license that comes from a felony fleeing conviction. Given that there were no defenses to these charges, obtaining this outcome was tough sledding, but one that the North Star team routinely achieves for its clients.