State v. S.A.

August, 2018
Charges: 2nd Degree DWI - High test and accident - Gross Misdemeanor

No Jail, no EHM, Successful Forfeiture defense--reduction to Third Degree DUI. Due to early and aggressive negotiations, and a client committed to recovery, a .20 test result and a rollover total accident did not result in a ruined life, or a long stint in jail. Indeed, the client avoided any jail or other programming obligations, notwithstanding a mandatory 30-day jail component under the affected statutes. Interposition of a chemical dependency evaluation with teeth, and the interlock device, mean the client not only avoids weeks in custody, but also he'll receive a payment from his insurance provider for the lost truck, likely in the form of a five-figure check. Unmatched success, except this sort of result is routine at this firm. You want to hire us, admit it.

Types of Charge(s): DWI Case Results