State v. T.M. / T.M. v. Dept. of Corrections

May, 2020
Charges: Habeas Corpus Petition and Request for Compassionate Release

CLIENT RELEASED, some fifty (50) months early. This client, who was represented by another firm when he entered a plea of guilty to First Degree Drug charges hoping for a sentencing departure to probation, was instead immediately remanded to state prison for a lengthy term. His health, already radically declining on the day he was sentenced, immediately disqualified him from any programming (such as the Challenge Incarceration Program, or 'Boot Camp') that would have ended his prison stay quickly or at any discount. The client hired North Star to be creative in challenging his sentence and to secure his release in any way humanly possible... and we DID JUST THAT, by way of an order recently permitting him to leave prison immediately. Mr. Adkins and his team used the habeas corpus petition process to get the Court's attention, and convinced the Court and the Department of Corrections' legal team that a release would not only be justified, but would save our client's very life. Compassionate release in the middle of this pandemic is logical, it is wise, and it is increasingly difficult to secure, as political implications infect hearings and conversations about true justice in the face of a deadly invisible enemy. If your loved one is serving a prison sentence, anywhere, and you believe their health is threatened (particularly if they suffer from a preexisting deadly condition or are likely to develop severe reactions to the coronavirus), please contact the team at North Star immediately. There are few lawyers on the planet who have successfully litigated these issues, and Dan and James would love to win for you, and yours.

Types of Charge(s): Felonies