State v. T.M.

June, 2022
Charges: Speeding 100+ mph, and Careless Driving - misdemeanor

Withdrawn guilty plea for when the client paid the ticket immediately following the incident and then an agreement to resolve the case as a speeding ticket with a stipulated speed of 99 in a 60. The careless driving charge was dismissed, too. The client made the mistake of paying her citation right away, not realizing the six-month revocation period that results from doing so on a speeding in excess of 100 mph ticket. Upon getting her revocation notice, she immediately retained us to help us unwind her mistake. Leading up to the hearing, the North Star team caught a prosecutor that was unsympathetic to our efforts. Thankfully, at the Motion to Withdraw a Guilty Plea hearing, we had provided more information about how this was impacting our client and some health issues she had experienced at the time. Our diligent efforts - and unwillingness to take no for an answer - led to this incredible result. Now, the client will have her driving privileges restored, a must for a young woman with a burgeoning business.

Types of Charge(s): Traffic Violations Case Results