State v. W.F.

May, 2022
Charges: Carrying a pistol without a permit - Gross Misdemeanor; No Drivers License in Possession - Misdemeanor

Continuance for dismissal to an amended count of driving after revocation with the gun charge dismissed as part of the amended complaint filed in advance of the agreement being finalized. The client was charged for driving with a handgun in his glove compartment. But, he was using his girlfriends vehicle and there was no evidence that he knew the gun was in the vehicle prior to using it. As a result, the knowledge element of the charge could not be satisfied and the State even agreed. Once the gun charge was dismissed, the agreement to suspend prosecution came together quickly. This outcome is much needed for the client, as the mere charge itself had caused lost job opportunities. Now, he will walk away without a conviction following an easy term of probation. The client is thrilled he hired the North Star team to fight for him against these bogus charges.

Types of Charge(s): Gross Misdemeanor