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False Imprisonment Crime in Minnesota

The false imprisonment crime in Minnesota is a very serious offense because of both the criminal sanctions and collateral consequences that stem from it. Not only is a defendant looking at possible time in prison or local custody, but a conviction in…
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What is the Terroristic Threats Crime in Minnesota?

Generally speaking, the terroristic threats crime in Minnesota is the old name for a felony crime that tends to capture a lot of serious misconduct that doesn’t fall neatly into a felony level assault. Unfortunately, the term has not gone away…
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Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor Crime in Minnesota

You may not think it is that big of a deal. Buying beer or liquor for underage kids, or frat brothers/sorority sisters still younger than 21, is a right of passage. You may justify it by thinking that you owe it to them because someone did it for you…
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Careless Driving Attorney

A Minnesota Careless Driving citation is a serious traffic offense that can result in a criminal record if there is a conviction. Further, while it does not automatically result in a loss of driving privileges, it can lead to the termination of insur…
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Stay At Home Order Violation - Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorneys

The Coronavirus sucks. Hearing the nightly news on how the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread throughout the country and fearing the impact it can have on our jobs, finances, and, most importantly, health – well, it takes a toll. Add in the…
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Depriving Parenting Rights Crime

Family law can get downright nasty – especially when it comes to parenting rights. It is not uncommon for the parents to fight tooth and nail to maximize their parenting time to the detriment of the other parent. Multiple hearings and parenting…
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Minor Consumption Attorney

Minnesota has a “zero tolerance policy” when it comes to underage consumption of alcohol. This means a minor may not consume any alcohol without facing the possibility of receiving a minor consumption ticket in Minnesota. But, you may be…
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Disorderly Conduct - Fighting Words

The common-law crime of disturbing the peace (n.k.a. disorderly conduct) used to be broadly defined to include any behavior which disturbed the peacefulness of citizens. States took it upon themselves to codify this rule under disorderly conduct stat…
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Distracted Driving Law to Change in August 2019

Minnesota’s distracted driving law – a.k.a. texting and driving – will change come August 2019. Starting then, the law will be much more restrictive, essentially demanding that any use of a cell phone by a driver be hands-free. For…
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Interference with Privacy in Minnesota

Interference with privacy is a gross misdemeanor offense that can rise to felony level charges depending on the circumstances. The general concept of what interference with privacy means may make sense. But the statutory definitions are complex in tr…
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