Collateral Consequences from a Criminal Record

Here at North Star Criminal Defense, we pride ourselves on delivering a personalized legal strategy for each client. In order to do that, it is critical to understand what’s at stake. This means analyzing the possible collateral consequences fr…
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Pardon Attorneys - Minnesota

Pardon Attorneys In 1857, when the Minnesota State Constitution was being drafted, the process for pardons was deemed to be so important as to include it in the state constitution. Minn. Const. Art. V § 7. A pardon sets aside a conviction so that yo…
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Stay of Imposition Expungement Update - Court of Appeals Decision

As has been discussed in this blog previously, the biggest ambiguity in the expungement law is how courts should interpret a stay of imposition expungement petition – specifically, is the conviction a felony as originally adjudicated or a misde…
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The Importance of Properly Serving the DHS in an Expungement

The Minnesota Department of Human (“DHS”) is notorious for fighting expungements at all costs. Regardless of whether the record involves a conviction or not, the DHS is going to fight. That’s because the due process of criminal law…
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Expunging Records Within the Statute of Limitations Period - Be Careful

The existence of a criminal record – even when the matter was ultimately dismissed – is still damaging. The mere fact that you were charged with a crime raises red flags for human resource managers and potential landlords. That is why see…
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Expungement of Drug Charges in Minnesota

One of the grounds for a statutory expungement is for certain drug charges. Pursuant to Minn. Stat. 609A.02, subd. 1, a person may seek an expungement of a drug charges in which the person received a statutory stay of adjudication for 4th or 5th degr…
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