Minnesota's Revenge Porn Law Ruled Unconstitutional

In December 2019, the Court of Appeals struck down Minnesota’s revenge porn law that made it illegal to “intentionally disseminate an image of another person who is depicted in a sexual act or whose intimate parts are exposed.” Minn. Stat.…
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Minnesota Sentencing Lawyer - Durational Departure

As previously discussed in our blog about dispositional departures, sentencing often can be the most critical part of the criminal case. When the State simply has the facts to convict you, the case then turns to how to obtain the best possible senten…
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Minnesota Sentencing Attorney - Dispositional Departure

Sentencing can often be the most important part of a criminal case for a defendant. Whether the defendant plead guilty or was found guilty at trial, sentencing is when the defendant finds out their criminal consequences. With prison on the line in fe…
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Sex Crimes - "Sexual or Aggressive Intent" - Defined

Minnesota’s sex crimes require a specific intent that is undefined by statute. In order for the State to prove a defendant committed criminal sexual contact, it must show that the defendant committed the contact with “sexual or aggressive…
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Interference with Privacy in Minnesota

Interference with privacy is a gross misdemeanor offense that can rise to felony level charges depending on the circumstances. The general concept of what interference with privacy means may make sense. But the statutory definitions are complex in tr…
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Leaving the Scene of an Accident - Hit and Run

Accidents happen. They don’t necessarily result in criminal charges – after all, they are called accidents. But sometimes, an accident can lead to criminal charges for failing to properly obey the traffic laws or if a driver leaves the sc…
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Nonconsensual Dissemination of Private Sexual Images - Revenge Porn Law

Sexting and similar communications have led to the oversharing of explicit images. To combat that, Minnesota enacted a revenge porn law to criminalize the improper sharing of sexually explicit images. The crime is actually called: Nonconsensual Disse…
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Criminal Vehicular Homicide Attorneys

Criminal vehicular homicide is an extremely serious charge with long-last consequences, including prison. If you are facing this charge, it is absolutely imperative that you hire an experienced and skilled Minnesota criminal vehicular homicide attorn…
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Criminal Damage to Property Attorneys

Criminal damage to property in Minnesota is a felony, gross misdemeanor, or misdemeanor, depending on the nature of the circumstances and amount of damage that occurred. Any conviction for this type of crime not only has serious criminal consequences…
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Substantial Bodily Harm Defined - Minnesota Assault

The level of harm is often the distinction between whether an assault or obstruction of legal process charge is a felony or not. Central to this analysis is the term: “substantial bodily harm.” If the victim suffers substantial bodily har…
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